A whole new way to be a fanatic

I feel like I should clarify that I use social media for a lot of things besides shoe shopping and watching videos of puppies who can’t get up.


Mostly those things, though.

But there’s something else I love even more than shoes, and it’s not clothing-based, unless that clothing is purple: I love the Minnesota Vikings.  A lot.  To the point of…well, admitting it on the internet.  And having a Vikings-purple pedicure.

Rachel is a Viking

And dressing like this in public.

And following a bunch of sports outlets and actual Vikings on Twitter, including the man I’ve been claiming as my cousin for a few years now, Adrian Peterson. (And yet he never comes to the reunions…)  This was fun over the summer, when their updates were as meaningless as mine.  Then the NFL lockout ended and so did my regular sleep pattern.

Case in point: two nights ago, Visanthe Shiancoe tweeted the word “Welcome” and I lost my mind trying to decipher that message.  Did it mean the deal with Donavan McNabb was complete?*  Did he just hit enter before he finished writing his sentence? Was he just toying with my emotions like the entire team does season after season?  I spent the better part of an hour Googling, ESPN-ing, and Tweeting when I absolutely should have been sleeping.

Social media, I’ve discovered, has brought me a whole new way to be crazy.  I mean, a fan.  Maybe it will calm down again once this week of trades is complete, but somehow…I doubt it.

*It wasn’t then, but it is now. I have a whole bunch of thoughts on this, and losing Sidney Rice, but they mainly just make me go “I can’t with you right now.”  This is what it means to be a Vikings fan.

PS: I know I lost some of you a while back there, so here’s this: