Fashionista Flashback: Rocking a Lot of Polka Dots Edition

We’ve been experiencing some fabulous weather here in Minnesota for a few weeks (changing our state motto from “How about this weather we’re having, then?” to “Dontcha just love this weather we’re having, then?”).  My neighborhood is covered with sidewalk chalk, and I love it.

I was an avid chalker back in the day.  My best friend and I once spent an afternoon covering each of the bricks of my front steps with different, unique bits of art (or solid blocks of color depending how bored we got with the process).

The artist and her work

Behold! Co-artist cropped out since not everyone likes their childhood business published on the internet, and I do have tens of blog followers.

A lot of my outfits in this era matched in the most literal way, and this was a favorite.  There are enough polka dots on that thing that it’s practically a magic eye illusion. I could probably induce seizures by doing a cartwheel.

The point is: my childhood was awesome.