Tell me what to do, for the love of all that is good and holy

Today I was offered a job…thing.  The pros are it is a job (kind of), it involves writing/designing/grant writing/nonprofit stuff, and it will work nicely with the eventual grad school plan.  The cons are it pays almost nothing, and my parents hate it because it pays almost nothing.  It’s only a yearlong position – or, if we look at it another way, I have to stay there a whole year.  Clearly I haven’t decided if this is a pro or a con yet.

I don’t know about the money thing because I have a hard time seeing myself ever making money.  I’ll have to get a second job, I’m sure, hopetoGod it’s not at Gary’s pizza…

The other option is to move home, but what am I going to do there besides slowly go crazy?  Maybe talk to my deaf dog?  Watch her look at me like, “I can’t hear what you’re saying, and anyway I’m an F-ing dog, so why are you talking to me?”