Happy Father’s Day

Last night I decided to watch the movie Patriot Games.  It came in a set with Witness (and What Lies Beneath, but we don’t need to talk about that), and I thought, “hey, I’ve never seen Patriot Games before.”  I now realize I’ve seen Patriot Games at least seven times.  It’s just one of those indistinguishable constantly-on-television movies that I used to watch with my dad in the early 90s.  They have fused in my memory into one long action movie spanning the length of my childhood; let’s call it Crocodile Die Hard Jones and the Hunt for the Lethal Weapons Under Siege 2.  So even though I didn’t remember anything about Patriot Games beforehand, when it ended I felt like I’d just watched my favorite movie of all time.  You can’t un-love the things you loved before you were 12, and I love action-movies-with-dad.