Love your neighbor.

I dislike politics. I dislike most politicians, I dislike the political game, and I really, really dislike arguing about politics. But I’m going to talk about this because I have to, before it’s too late.

I’m talking about the Minnesota Marriage Amendment. If you’re in Minnesota – hell, if you’re in the United States – you know the one. Come Tuesday, this is what will be on Minnesotans’ ballots:

Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota?

No …..

I hope it comes as no surprise that I’m voting No. I haven’t been as involved in the Minnesotans United for All Families campaign as many of my friends (no one has been as involved as my friends, I swear), partly because I’m busy and partly because I don’t really think me bursting into tears is what they want to happen at their phone banks, but I definitely want to see this amendment defeated.

I want to see this amendment defeated because it hurts people I love. It tells children I know who are being raised by gay parents that their family is not as good as another. It tells young people who are gay that they aren’t as good as their peers. And committed gay couples do not have access to the same rights and benefits as straight married couples.

Look, I know this is a complicated issue for many people. It isn’t for me, not anymore, but I’m trying to see it from all sides. I’ve read articles like this. And I’ve also seen ads like this. If you have too, I encourage you to watch videos like this and fact checks like this. I encourage you to find alternate viewpoints and see what resonates with you; have respectful dialogue, if you can. We’re all going to be the same friends, family, and neighbors on November 7th.

If this is still too murky for you, then abstain from voting on this issue. That’s okay. Just don’t vote yes unless you are damn sure that denying civil rights to a group of citizens is the right thing to do. Same-sex marriage is already illegal in Minnesota. So are “separate but equal” civil unions. Defeating this amendment actually changes nothing, but it lets the conversation continue, and it lets the world know that Minnesotans love their neighbors.

And that is really what it all comes down to for me.

I know I have friends and family who are voting yes. I still love you; I believe you still love me. I just needed you to know.

PS: if you haven’t seen or heard this yet and don’t hate everything I’ve said here, this will likely make you cry. Then hit replay.

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