Fashionista Flashback: The Girl in the Yellow Dress

Because the Red Balloon Bookshop was kind enough to put my blog On Reading on their Facebook page, and because I’ve been thinking of my meeting with Barbara Cooney anyway, I dug this photo up:

Rachel and Barbara Cooney

The date on the back is May 7, 1992, so just over twenty years ago. I remember being pulled out of school, and wearing that yellow dress (my favorite) for the full 2-hour car ride to the Cities. I took all of my personal books by Barbara Cooney as well as a bunch owned by the school for her to autograph, which she did. I still can’t believe she wrote to me more than once.

Every little girl should get to meet one of her heroines, and every heroine should have the chance to make a little girl’s day.

2 responses

  1. You INSISTED on wearing that dress, because meeting Barbara Cooney was such an Event, and the dress was indeed your favorite. And my heart almost burst with joy for you when the first thing she said to you was, “My, what a lovely dress!” ~ it may be cliche, but for this mom, she had me at hello. <)))<

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