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I had initially planned to do a “Fashionista Flashback” every Friday, but didn’t last week because a) I found something more important to write about and b) I can’t even honor arbitrary deadlines I make up for myself.  So let me preface this Best Things of the Week post with this:

Sweet Yellow Cardigan

As Michael K would say, this is The Look.

Fact: I did not wear jeans until about age 12.  So pants like this happened a lot.  I’m not really sure about the tiny old man cardigan, though.  Another fact: the back of this picture says “first day of 2nd grade,” so you know I picked out this outfit ahead of time.

Best Things of the Week!

1. A great day for America

Rae, Ma, and A

As my mom (Miss America in the picture above) said, America is a better place today now that we’ve officially got my sister-in-law.

2. My high tech lifestyle continues

On Thursday, my phone learned a new trick:

cell phone down

Man down.

I tend to wear things out well beyond the point of sense, but after two days this was too much for even me.  Upside: I got a new phone! Downside: still not a smartphone!  It turns out I like being cheap more than I like being cool.

3.  All these things also happened.

Friday: birthday pub crawl (Billy’s and The Onion…we didn’t crawl very far)
Saturday: bachelorette party (The Shout House, with at least 20 other bachelorette parties)
Sunday: Uptown Art Fair and sushi (Sushi Tango)

Weekends like this make me happy I live in the Cities.

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