Fashionista Flashback

In my last Best Things post I mentioned that my friend CK makes me feel tall.  I went digging through the archives of my life to find a picture to explain this, and look what I found:

6th Birthday Party, 1991

My 6th birthday. CK (far right): Actual size.

a) Everyone in this picture looks awesome (obviously), so they probably won’t mind me putting this on the internet, right?
b) I seem to be wearing a variation of the fringe t-shirt.  Remember those? I had so many and I thought they were IT. Everybody come to my place with t-shirts and scissors, we’re going to bring that look back in (it was never in).
c) Those Floral Pants.  Bless you, 1991.

Fashionista Flashback: should I make this a regular thing?

4 responses

  1. I think it should definitely be a regular thing…maybe you could take submissions…I’m quite certain I’d have several photos to offer…including a sweet sweatsuit while wearing my ginormous pink plastic rimmed glasses. HOT!

  2. I actually saw someone at Olivia Corn Capital Days wearing a fringed t-shirt this weekend, and she was well over 6 years old! You could actually be on the cutting edge of fashion.

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