You suck at parking

Holy cats, I didn’t write anything in here in all of September?  Where does time go, time flies when you’re having fun, and other time-related cliches as well!

Here’s the thing.  A few months ago I took a little vacation, and on that vacation I had to do something scary: navigate an unfamiliar city in an unfamiliar car with plans I made all on my own.  And I did it without getting lost once (except in an underground parking garage, but that doesn’t count as am convinced the parking garage spans underneath the entire city, perhaps state).  It gave me a long-overdue bit of confidence, and made me wonder why I often back out of activities due to fear of the unknown (or, more often, fear of parking).  So when I came back to my city, the one I’d lived in for nine months but never really experienced, I decided to throw myself into it (it being Life) by deciding to say Yes to 90% of the opportunities and invitations that come my way.  No matter the parking situation.

And that is why, at various times over the past months, I have found myself:

– dancing at multiple concerts with PBR-swilling, iPhone-having hipsters
– watching movies like “Back to the Future,” “Time Bandits” and “Hannah Montana” in parks
– shopping for costumes to transform me into a zombie, among other things
– raising diabetes awareness and my own risk of getting diabetes at the state fair (goddamn, I could go for some macaroni and cheese on a stick right now)
– joining two more book clubs than any person really needs
– cheering for sports teams I care about only as an excuse to wear a giant foam finger
– broke
– and, of course, bowling with hordes of gay dudes

There’s a lot more in there that I can’t think of right now, mainly involving food, and a whole hell of a lot more coming up (three words: zombie pub crawl).  Don’t get me wrong, there have also been nights when I skip everything to sit on my couch in my sweat pants and watch Battlestar Galactica (I can only fight my true nature for so long).  There have also been Dismal Failures, like the night that started with an expensive meal and ended with a big stomach ache and a $40 parking ticket.  But for the most part, I’ve found this adventure incredibly rewarding.  Like last week, when I ran a 5k.  Me.  A 5k.  Running.  The whole thing.  No walking, passing out, or heart-attacking (lots of swearing, though).  I never thought I’d be able to do that, and now that I have, I’m wondering what else is out there that I’d considered unachievable, scary, or just plain not part of my life plan.  Rock climbing?  Singing karaoke in public?  Talking to a straight man?  The options are endless.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even learn how to parallel park.

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