A lot of energy is coming from everywhere

Yesterday, Steve came to my office, and in explaining how to get to me I said, “And then the desk nun will call me, and I will give her permission to send you up.”  Who else gets to say that at work?  God?


Operation: Leave the House, Try New Things, Figure Out Where the Straight Men Are and Overall Get a Life (tentative title) continues to go well.  Or, at least, it continues.  The first week saw me mainly adding things to the “where the straight men aren’t” list, as after gay bowling and the beauty salon there was Ladies’ Night Out, The Ugly Truth (terrible) and (500) Days of Summer (as great as I anticipated it would be).  Week two included two free outdoor movies, a visit with Lacy, a short film festival at the library, a concert at a new bar, and getting stared at by an old orange man in a speedo at a lake.  Sabrina was involved with almost all of these; gay men were involved in at least two (I don’t want to talk about speedo man).  The closest I’ve come to figuring out where the straight men are was at the bike shop yesterday, when a man continually called me “sweetheart” and a “girly-girl,” mainly due to my dangly earrings, as he sold me a bike helmet.  He’s married with three kids, but at least that means he’s definitely straight.  I’m counting it.

This weekend there will be book sales, art fairs, taking care of Brixie and Captain America (Steve’s cats), and a barbecue.  It’s a full life, kind of.

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