Flying my Freak Flag

In the past week, I have acquired the following CDs:
At Folsom Prison by Johnny Cash
Metallica by Metallica
Amanda Leigh by Mandy Moore

I like music.  And all of this really makes me miss the old cabin-in-the-woods-with-the-poodle.  There wasn’t much to do besides listen to music and dance with the dog, and that place had a great sound system.  Now all I have is the Hodgman, which I carry from room to room and use mainly as a jukebox, but laptop speakers are notoriously shitty.  Something must be done if I am to properly enjoy my Mandy, Metallica, and Man in Black.

In related news, I like alliteration almost as much as I like music.

The summer is pretty much upon us, as Memorial day has happened (I spent mine bookshopping at Goodwill, painting a table, watching Back to the Future, and buying the slutty creamsicle shirt.  My ancestors must be so proud).  I was hoping to take a whole week off to do a road-trip camping-with-the-girls expedition, but that seems to have fallen apart.  Also, I’m down to about zero vacation days (thanks, pneumonia!) at exactly the same time that my company has cut the number I am able to earn in a year in half (thanks, recession!).  So instead of a big vacation, I’ll be taking mini-breaks.  A South Dakota adventure here, another Iowa trip there, and a long weekend in California somewhere in between.  Maybe more; I have itchy feet.  Who knows, maybe I’ll finally take that long-awaited trip to Disney World.

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