Talking ’bout things that nobody cares

No, I didn’t buy yet another TV series on DVD.  I borrowed “The Big Bang Theory” from Lacy, and she “Psych” season two from me — a swap long in the planning and resulting in one of the greatest voicemails I’ve ever received (“I packed it.  I think I packed it.  Anyway I…Did I pack it?  I packed it.  Did I?”).  She packed it.  We are nerds.  This show is about nerds.  I like it.

The weather isn’t so bad today, so my mood isn’t so bad, either.  I even had an iced beverage for my Friday morning Caribou.  I don’t go out for coffee as much as I used to — partly because I’ve finally learned how to make my own, partly because I’m cheap, and partly because I’m no longer caring for animals that need to be avoided (I still have nightmares about that damn parrot) — but walking across the street during my break makes Fridays seem special.  And I bought a nun some hot chocolate today; surely my reward is in heaven.

Anyway, it’s Friday, as I’ve mentioned, and the weekend looms before me.  Last weekend I went home and witnessed my future insanity in the form of my mother haggling over magnets at Goodwill.  This weekend Steve and I are doing something that will probably result in giggling, and then I will likely buy some books and maybe some food.  It probably doesn’t sound like much to you, but a weekend of books, gay men and food is my idea of a good time.

I’ve stopped looking for gray hairs, because every time I do, I find one.  I told my mother, and after explaining my “maybe I took a blow to the head” theory, she pointed out that I’m just turning into my grandmother.  Which is exactly what I didn’t want to hear, but I guess it’s better to think I’m turning into her than into Sweeney Todd.

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