A month (or so) in review

Since my last thingie was a little on the introspective what-are-you-even-talking-about side, here are some straight-up facts from the last month of my life…

Seattle With Mom: rocked.  My mom and I laughed ’til we cried more than once, particularly on the train when the 5-year-old ahead of us repeatedly sang parts of the alphabet song.  Once he even got to “Y” and started all over.  Torture.  Anyway, the city was great: we walked, shopped, ate, experienced luxury in our amazing hotel, and went to the Science Fiction Hall of Fame and Museum.  Let’s just laminate my nerd card right now, ’cause that shit is permanent.

The Longest Day Ever: got off the train at 5 a.m., drove home, did laundry and re-packed, and drove to Steve’s so I could start work the next day.

The Next Day: Work!  Job!  Have one!  That day (and every day since) involved answering phones, processing orders, and fun with nuns.  I get a “and may God bless you” voicemail message about 15-25 times a day, and yesterday I heard a nun say “fuck.”  I don’t write, but I’m surrounded by the written word and the ridiculous, so I’m doing okay.

Apartment: I’m moving off of Steve’s couch and into an apartment next week.  I went on the hunt with Sabrina, who moved here and started her new job the same day as me, kismet-style.  Anyway, we both fell in love with my future apartment — she because the guy who showed it to us was an exact replica of Michael Cera in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and me because it is everything I asked for in an almost-affordable package.

Jimmy Quit, Jody Got Married, Shoulda Known We’d Never Get Far: The inevitable happened, and Angi and Ari got married.  After all the omigod first of my girlfriends to get married omigod omigod panic wore off, I had an excellent time throughout: the gorgeous ceremony (during which I was honored to be a reader), the bean bag competition (throwing just isn’t my game, y’all), the meal (“Ari, this is the only meal you’ve ever made for me.  Are you sure you can cook, or is it just this one thing?”), the dancing, the post-reception bar time with Lace, Bec, and Angi’s brother Vince (we went crazy in big bad Boone), and the post-bar eating chips on the stairs in our hotel with same (heh).

Is This Heaven? No, It’s Iowa:  The day after the wedding, we stopped for Subway and had to wait in line behind a bus load of male European soccer players.  Then the radio started playing Aerosmith, and it was clear I was in heaven.  Or at least in the middle of the best dream of my life.  There’s no point to this, I just like that story.

I’m Growing Up Never: Last night I went out for pizza and beer with Lacy and Dan.  I had an appropriate ratio of pizza to beer, but still wound up in babblin’ brook mode when got back to Steve’s.  I was alone with the cat, so I did what anyone would do in my situation: purchased a Wynonna Judd song off of iTunes and fell asleep by 9 p.m.  Do I know how to party, or what?

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