At a slower pace than others

My life is a list of haves, needs, and wants.  I have many things — great, accomodating friends, for one — and my needs are comparatively few, as are my complaints.  My wants are everything, from world peace and well-spoken leaders to a hot cup of coffee and a visit with a friend.  I have a job (strike up the hallelujah chorus) and it’s someplace pretty neat, if not the most thrilling job in the world.  Nuns are involved, and so are books — obviously the job for me.  I need an apartment, and I almost have one.  I’m signing some papers and cutting some checks later this week, and I should be able to move off of Steve’s couch and into my own place come November.  My own place.  Sigh.  Five years, 26 roommates and around 14 homes in the making.  I want a GPS unit for my car, but I think I’ll settle for that old-school when-I-was-your-age-television-was-called-books thing — a map.  I want to get where I’m going without being told what to do.  I just like figuring things out for myself.

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