Not authorized for viewing

Caribou has cut off my access to xanga (a nice scary “NOT AUTHORIZED FOR VIEWING!” message pops up whenever I come here), which I guess is a nice reminder that I don’t go to coffee shops to blog like a nutcase, I go there to apply for jobs like a sane (but still unemployed) person. So now I’m at Lulu’s, getting my priorities in order. They are as follows:
1) what’s for dinner
2) how can I get my hands on the third season of X Files for borrowing purposes
3) how much do I currently hate the creators/writers of “Bones” (number 3 with a bullet)
4) oh crap, I gave all of my cold-weather clothes to Goodwill last April, what am I gonna do now that it’s September which means practically winter in this state
5) where does the cat go during the day (mystery solved: she hides in the closet with the Christmas decorations until my mom comes home)
6) how to accurately describe the ridiculous sounds my animals make (Chewbacca is the best I’ve come up with for the dog, and Abu from Aladdin, if he were pathetic and dying, is the best for the cat, but still not perfect)
7) Trying to win at Subway Scrabble
8) reading “A Short History of Nearly Everything,” because I like seeing the look on my parents’ faces when I tell them I’m reading about quantum mechanics for the hell of it
9) deciphering Pete-speak into English (Rachel: Did you win at golfing today? Dad: Well, what time is it? Rachel: Four-thirty. Dad: Oh. (leaves room))
10) maybe I should find a job. After dinner.

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