Pop culture junkie.

Sometimes I get bored, and I turn to the internet.  Today I was perusing ew.com, like I do, and came across a popwatch about favorite pop-culture possessions.  Rather than leave a comment on the blog like a big loser,* I’ve decided to write about it here.**

After extensive thought (like 4 whole minutes), I’ve made my list.
5) My personalized insult from David Sedaris.
4) The circa-1988 Jay Leno headshot (you knew that was coming)
3) Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure VHS tape from California (it pleases me.  It just does!)
2) The photo of me, my brother, and Meat Loaf at the Mall of America in 1998.  Yeah.  Take that in, guys.  Meat Loaf.
1) And predictably, the 1973 autographed edition of The Princess Bride.

I’d ask “how about you” but I’m not sure there’s much of a “you” out there.  If “you” are, however, “you” should do this, too.  It will greatly improve your outlook on life.  I may not have a job, but at least I’ve met Meat Loaf.

*okay, yeah, I’ve done that before.  Just once…maybe twice.  And then I was quoted in one of their online photo gallery list thingies, and couldn’t decide if it was bragworthy or cringeworthy.  A little bit of both, since this happened a few months ago and I’m just now owning up to it.  It involved Quantum Leap.  And that’s all the information you’re getting out of me.

**By the way, I’m aware of the irony of writing a blog in order to decry blogs, so don’t bother pointing that out.


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