Tell me why!

On Friday, I skipped out of the roommates’ Christmas in July party by citing the reason, “there’s been a gay man shopping emergency.” And there was, if such a thing exists. Basically it involved Steve and I trying to outshop each other (he won…he always does). There was also the long-awaited “Final Destinationathon,” which was fully amazing, and a brief foray into the world of stem cell research. I got to look at some cells under a microscope while Steve did things I did not understand in the name of science. It was way more interesting than it sounds. I’m seriously just in awe of people who enjoy science; lab work always gave me anxiety in high school. I’m open to just about any career move at this point, but this is one area I can safely rule out.

Job front: nothing worth reporting, other than I’m applying for everything I’m remotely qualified for and saying a lot of prayers. Am almost definitely moving home in two weeks, and am trying to keep my spirits up. For instance, there’s a chance I may be watching Backstreet Boys videos on youtube right now. I’m not proud of this, but these are trying times, my friends; we do what we can to get by.

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  1. It’s okay. I remember having to explain to my boss the concept of William Hung, including watching both the AI audition and the eventual real video for She Bangs. I get a certain amount of joy from sharing strange things with others. It was almost as good as watching Matt and Beth see Saw for the first time. Almost…

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