An average day

Sometimes I think my life is pretty boring. Get up, drink smoothie, go to work, take nap (not until after work…usually), eat, computering, sleep. Repeat. And then these things happen:

– Through a turn of events that is not very interesting, I had a change of clothes in my bag when I left for work today. When I came home, I was missing a bra. So I was left wondering, where is my bra, how did it escape my bag, did anyone see it fall out (“hey, you forgot your thingie!”), and would it be totally weird to reclaim it from whatever street corner it might be lying on. Luckily (boringly), I found it in the living room.

– An Irish woman I’ve never met before told me she misses my old work blog, and was especially a big fan of my St. Patrick’s Day entry. This is huge, since I was pretty sure only my mom read that. Also, compliments seem much more meaningful when said with an Irish accent.

– I got to hear Sarah say “the trash cans are located by the whooping crane.” And suddenly I missed the Arb.

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