Too cool.

Just when you thought I couldn’t get any cooler — blogging at midnight on a Saturday!

I’m actually shocked I’m awake right now, considering the weekend I’ve had: spent the night in the Cities with my mom and sister-in-law for a Bible study conference thing. I know, wild and crazy, right? I just mean we got up pretty durn early this morning (mom to make coffee, Angela to get gorgeous, Rachel to wish she wasn’t sharing a room with morning people). The thing was good, and my mom was cutely excited the whole time, and there was a lot of good girl bonding between the three of us. Let me just reiterate that my sister-in-law is, in the words of one of my professors a year after he met her for about four minutes, “somewhat stunning.” All efforts to look cute are thwarted when standing within ten yards of her, so I went the other way with it and dressed like a hobo (ratty green tank top, meet five-year-old wrinkled pink skirt!). I looked especially awesome after I bolted through a downpour to hide from potential tornadoes (in – where else? – a coffee shop. No actual tornadoes within my eyesight this time). Still, I don’t lose my fashionista card yet because I convinced my mother not to wear a fanny pack.

Today I’ve fretted about my life, but done nothing to change it. Instead I did laundry (the real reason for today’s spectacular ensemble), cleaned my cave, restructured my sleep machine, and played with Dammit Janet. In a moment I will go to bed and put in ear plugs, the world’s greatest invention, and hopefully dream up some sort of future that involves equal amounts happiness, debt-free-ness, and James Roday-ness.

(…Have got to stop watching Psych.)

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