Honey, I’m still free

Perhaps you are wondering why I write in here all the time again.  Well, dedicated fanbase, I think it has something to do with having the internet at home, and not having a whole lot else to do.  And needing a sounding board for annoyances (cat, sleep deprivation, bongos, black abyss of a future).  Yesterday, after a full night grappling with all of those things, I woke up damn determined to make myself a good day.  So I broke out the big guns: a strawberry-mango smoothie, shopping, and ABBA.  I think it’s physically impossible to be in a bad mood when you hear the opening of “Take a Chance on Me;” that song alone is the reason I enjoyed Get Smart, and no longer hate the Andy character on The Office (although Steve Carell probably had a part in both of those, too).

I’ve decided to retire my “Bennies” t-shirts from public use.  I still love them, but they cause awkward situations, like the time I was accused of playing softball in Wabasso (“that’s their team name!”) or the time a dude stopped me on the street because he wanted to know where he could get a “Beanies” shirt.  We all walked out of those conversations confused.  This weekend, I ran into two high school classmates in the mall (“Hey, I haven’t seen you in five years!…but you I saw two days ago…”) who remarked on the shirt, and then I was stopped by a guy at Caribou who seemed to have modeled his personality after Elf (“you’re a Bennie? Congratulations!“).  So it’s time to stop; I really don’t need that much awkwardness focused on my chest.

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