And that’s my new philosophy

My new motto is “Seek Goodness.”  I don’t want to go all Miss Cleo “it came to me in a dream” on you, but I did wake up with it in my head two or three mornings in a row, and I found this significant.  It’s a pretty good motto, but it’s hard to follow when you spend all night trying to kill people with your mind.  Half a dozen drunken people + pot + bongos + right outside my door + middle of the night + for 2 hours + on a weeknight = Rachel hates you.  Also equals exhaustion, and I’m almost definitely going home this weekend because of it.  Probably I should confront the ‘mates about this, but I’m far too Minnesotan for that; better just channel my passive-aggressive angst into very loud loud breakfast smoothie-making and door slamming, and then run away.

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