No sleep tonight

So, for about a week now I’ve been living the squatter’s life with Meg and Erin. They are cool young ladies, although we work/live opposite schedules — they are up all night (sometimes playing drums at 2 a.m.) while I am in bed by…now, almost every night. Then they sleep all day while I get up and make smoothies at 7 in the morning, partly because I love smoothies and partly because turning on the blender is my passive-aggressive revenge for the drumming. There’s also this other girl who might live here too, I’m not quite clear on that, because apparently she has her own apartment but uses ours for sleeping and sitting in front of to smoke. And tonight there is a Charlie Bucket look-a-like sitting on the couch, reading me my sexual horoscope. He is clearly stoned, and not just because he keeps talking about my “Mona Lisa Smile.”

Basically I moved from a hermitage to a commune.

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