Bedazzled and Bewildered

I love people watching. I just saw two 60ish women with matching bedazzled flip-flops. I have seen my future (“I have SEEE-een our deaths!”), and it is bedazzling.

Jenni has moved in with me for a few days. This is my effort at karmically paying it forward, since I have survived an entire year on the kindness of strangers. It’s also like a social experiment. Can Rachel re-enter society, or has she been too isolated for too long? Unless we count Shandia or various animals, I haven’t had a roommate in over a year. And unless we count the nice people here at Caribou, I haven’t had a social life in at least that long, either. So step one: sharing space with another human. Step two: make efforts to see people who are not being paid to smile at me (I’m on to you, Caribou chick and CashWise Video boy). Step three: stop talking to myself. Maybe. Writing to myself, that’s totally fine.

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