Back at Caribou. No non-virgin little people here today, but I am once again just one of the many laptoppers. I hope the rest of these people lack internet at home, otherwise what is their excuse for coming to a public place and isolating themselves?

I’ve worked around 50 hours at the alum office, and I’ve already redesigned or edited most of the website and created three major print projects for reunion. Give me a $2.50 raise and make vague promises of a more permanent job, and I am one fucking motivated employee. Okay, so those promises have so far amounted to possibly one more month of employment, but keep moving that carrot and this bunny will keep hopping.

Yesterday, my co-worker asked me, “What would your dream job be like?” I said, “I don’t know. Do you think anyone would pay me to read books, drink coffee, and take naps?” She couldn’t think of any such opportunities, but I’m still not giving up hope. I don’t know what I want to do with my life; I just know what I want to do with my days, and right now, that’s it. I know I’m not alone in this.

I finally had words with the priest. Those words were, specifically, please don’t come over to my house without telling me. It only took me four months, one roving Jesus, and an empty beer bottle (his) to get up the courage to say this. He was nice about it, of course; I think we both have too much leverage on each other not to be civil (me, the illicit relationship I’m 85% positive I did not make up, and him, my lackluster housekeeping skills).

For about a week now, my right thumb has periodically gone into spasms throughout the day. I suppose I should do something about this; of course, it didn’t start until the day after I left my previous job, and therefore my insurance, which I never had to use. Thanks, body! My self-diagnosis runs from “omigod I’m having a stroke” to “stop drinking so much coffee.” I’m too young to get carpal tunnel or arthritis (or have a stroke), right? Probably it’s just the essential tremors. Probably I should ask someone medical about it anyway.

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