After four-plus years of joyful song-streaming, Yahoo radio has cut me off.  Why you gotta do me like that, Yahoo?  That’s cold.  Guess I’m going to switch to Pandora after all.

I am in love with my computer.  It reeks of shiny newness and beauty.  I am also a little bit scared of it, but that’s to be expected as I never get anything new, ever.  This morning, I spent some time just staring at it lovingly.  I didn’t even turn it on.  And now I keep referring to it as one would a pet or a small human child.  “Guess what the computer did today?”  When I set it up, it took a picture of me.  I didn’t know this was an option, so I was reasonably frightened when the first image I saw on shinynewthing was my own bewildered face.  Despite this initial setback, I think we’re going to be best friends and I’m never going to leave the house ever again.

Cybil ate my earbuds yesterday.  I can’t imagine why in hell she did this, other than to let me know she missed me (thanks a bunch, poodlejerk).  But because I am a) addicted to music and b) McGyver, I hooked my old computer speakers up to my walkman CD player and set the whole thing about an inch from my bed, just so I could fall asleep listening to Queen.  Don’t let the fancy computer fool you: I am still very much behind-the-times, although even I am aware how ridiculous this new development is.

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  1. you and I are leading paralell lives.  New computers and other people’s poodles.  It’s almost creepy.  Maybe God got bored with planning our fates and just decided to make us a package deal.

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