They don’t even have bananas in England.

I finally bought the complete series as a birthday gift to myself.  Amazing.

I have a vague memory of it snowing on my birthday once.  My trusty weather man tells me it did actually happen the day I turned nine, which is probably why I thought it was so cool.  This year?  Not so cool.  This year it sounds hideous and awful.  Especially since I just decided I really want to go to the zoo.  And I really want to stop thinking, talking, and writing about the snow.  Time to move to Hawaii.

I’m finally getting a new computer — one I might even be able to turn on without fear of it melting — and I’ve decided on a Mac.  The school and my job are paying for about half of it, which is very happy news, but I’m paying for the other half and I am, of course, deadbroke.  And what do I do with my old computer?  Let it spontaneously combust?

One response

  1. You can move to a tropical climate with me.  I am going to smuggle in a hot cuban man to rub lotion on us and change the channels on the television.
     Happy Birthday madam! I feel really foolish for not even being a good enough person to know it was today. Let me just throw that in there.  And is it really freaking snoooowwwinng??? 
     And last but not least- oooh I wanted a mac but I couldn’t afford it.  You’re gonna love it so much!  And the old computer can be recycled- Waste management facilities should have a place where you can recycle old electronics.  Do good for Mother Earth.

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