Shoes and Friends

Things that happen in Wisconsin but do not happen in other states:
– Lacy and I bowl well
– The radio plays AC/DC every fifteen minutes
– Gas stations describe cheese as “squeaky” in a positive manner
– The Packers are not the enemy
– Reunions with old and new friends

The road trip started out with old friends — Lacy and Angi — and a coffee shop.  Can you imagine anything more beautiful?  That was followed by six hours of driving in the rain with Lacy and Dan.  This was not exactly beautiful.  It was sort of like…”last train to awkward-ville, everyone on board!  Hope you brought your deafening silences!”  But I didn’t get lost, the car didn’t break down, Dan didn’t object to our radio selections (“Go back, that’s Cher!…Ooh, Tool!…and AC/DC again? I guess, sure”), and we all lived to tell the tale, so all was well. I dropped the kids off in Madison before venturing on to Milwaukee and Anna.  We bowled, ate, watched A Goofy Movie and played cribbage.  It’s good to know we are still us, whether we’re in the middle of the woods or in a city next to a crack house.

I drove back to Madison the next day and found Andy.  It was a beautiful day, and since I’d been wearing snow boots two days before, I opted to keep my sandals on as we went for a long walk.  I realized this was a bad decision after maybe ten minutes, but dammit, I’m a girl.  I’ll sacrifice several layers of skin for cute footwear any day.  After a few hours of wandering and coffee, Andy, his roommate Dave and I went to Street Kings, which is remarkable only because it is an LA-based cop movie starring Keanu Reeves: my favorite genre.  Andy understands this; this is why I need at least one straight guy friend in my life.  He doesn’t understand the shoe thing, though, which is one of many reasons I need girlfriends in my life, too.

Next, the three of us met up with Mark, Abby, Lacy and Dan at a bar, where some of us went the ever-classy route of “drinking the awkward away.”  I kept it tame-ish, since I tend to get more awkward with alcohol and can imagine nothing worse than driving hungover for six hours, but still managed to visit three bars, take lots of pictures, stay up until four and fall asleep partway through Hocus Pocus.  I also traded shoes with Lacy and wore heels half of the way home due to her foot pain rather than mine — see?  Girls and feet: a battle ’til the death — so all in all, a very great evening.  A great weekend, really, even if I had to spend seven hours in a car yesterday, and now my feet look like they’re trying to sprout extra toes.  Friends and shoes: things that are worth the sacrifice.

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