Sweet Dreams

I had some monstrously strange dreams last night.  I only remember one: I was Asian and a martial arts expert, and I got two dudes to rob a bank with me.  We did not get caught, but immediately afterwards I turned the other guys in.  I’m not sure if I did this for a reward, or solely so I could cry on television a lot.  Whatever the case, Asian-me is a bitch.

Easter happened.  My parents came up and dad took me out for groceries.  There are places my dad just does not fit in, and the grocery store is one of them.  Other than that, not much out of the ordinary has happened lately, although I did hit the swaptree jackpot this week: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Last Action Hero are on their way to me right now.  Not that I’ll ever get rid of the B&T vhs tape: decorated with “Be Kind Rewind” stickers and the address of a rental store in California, featuring an ad for a contest in which the grand prize is a VCR (entries must be postmarked by December 31, 1989) — that thing is a beaut.

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