What movie am I in?

So, my TV doesn’t (really) work, I don’t have internet, my cell gets spotty reception, and now the long distance on the land line has been turned off.  There’s a good possibility I have entered The Shinning (the Simpsons version of The Shining) and will soon be wandering around with an ax, saying “urge to kill…rising.”  If that doesn’t happen, someone is going to call me on my broken cell phone and the call will be coming from inside the house and omigod Cybil, put down the ax, I promise never to call you emo-poodle ever again, you can have all my underwear and socks!

I haven’t been feeling well this week, so I stayed home yesterday and spent pretty much ever waking moment watching DVDs or tending to my animals.  Even sickness can’t keep me from my duties.  In fact, the fever probably helped — it made the task of cleaning up bunny poop slightly less terrible.  I was even singing as I cleaned up after the demon bunnies.  I’m like Mary Poppins, except for the song choice which was, for no reason, “Damned For All Time” from Jesus Christ Superstar.  Hmmm…on second thought, that sounds less like Mary and more like, I don’t know, Carrie.

Crap.  Stephen King is writing my life.  Keep me away from Maine, clowns, women named Delores and dogs named Cujo, otherwise this can’t end well.

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