Ack, Yay

…really digging this song…

I’m going to LA in less than a week!  My mood is currently waivering between “Aack!” and “Yay!”  I think I’ve almost got everything figured out now, except what I’m going to wear.  Probably my wool peacoat and fake Ugg (but real ugly) boots aren’t going to cut it.

I feel like Ultra Nerd.  I had what I considered an excellent week at work, because I got to write (ArbLog and newsletter article), put together another newsletter (which I consider fun, like a puzzle), and spend about sixteen hours photoshopping.  That I enjoyed the photoshopping is probably the nerdiest part (by a slim margin, now that I reread my “like a puzzle” statement).  My officemate, Cassie, thinks I’m a total headcase for being able to sit motionless and possibly unblinking for hours, staring at pixels, and call that “fun.”  Granted, I think she’s a headcase for wanting to teach kids.  It’s an office full of crazies.  Anyway, also contributing to the Ultra Nerd attitude are my glasses.  I got new ones, and I love them, but they do make me feel a little bit like Clark Kent (maybe that’s why I love them, but that’s an issue for a different therapy session).  Then there’s the fact that, well, I am a nerd.  No getting away from that.

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  1. It could always be worse. You could spend your hours away from work trying to figure out how to better lay out a control room using CAD software to draw everything to scale. Oh, or also spend time in bed wondering how you could convince the RCW building committee what sorts of technology they should incorporate in new classrooms…

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