After the initial panic wore off, I was able to do a little rethinking of my situation, and realized I’d always just assumed I didn’t get any channels because Steve told me I didn’t (he visited the day after I moved in, and while I was still figuring out how to work the light switches, he went off to examine the television).  Because Steve is not the most technologically-minded, and because Oscars: Plan B involved a road trip and a priest, I decided to check out the situation behind the television myself.  The “situation” involved exposed wires, questionable outlets and a cable cord in at least three pieces, but darned if I didn’t MacGyver my way to success.  I now get three and a half channels, and the one that comes in clearest is ABC, so obviously God loves me.  C-dog and I spent the evening totally blissed out, me absorbing Oscar’s glamorous rays of vapid self-congratulation, Cyb sleeping at my feet.  Ah, perfection.

I was pretty happy about the winners, too, although I don’t understand why The Bourne Ultimatum won three Oscars — more than any other film aside from No Country For Old Men.  The other big winner was probably Minnesota, what with the MN-based Juno and Diablo Cody and the shout-out to the Minneapolis airport from the Coens.  Daniel Day-Lewis looked like a total fox.  Javier Bardem looked less frightening than Tilda Swinton.  I can’t wait to rent La Vie en Rose.  Everyone involved in the Enchanted musical numbers looked and sounded nervous, which made the whole thing painful.  And why wasn’t Brad Renfro in the memorium thing?

Anyway.  Now I can restart my brain filter so movie trivia stops pouring out of me in huge undigested chunks (a snippet of a phone conversation: “I rented Away From Her because Julie Christie is supposed to be really good and it was adapted and directed by Sarah Polley who you might know from Road to Avonlea and who was originally supposed to play Penny Lane in Almost Famous but dropped out to do an independent Canadian movie so Kate Hudson got the role and was the favorite for the best supporting actress Oscar but Marcia Gay Harden won for Pollack instead…Hello?  Are you still there?  Hello?”).

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