I’m such a freak.

I don’t have a TV.  Normally, this is not a problem.  I like hanging out in my house, listening to music and curling up by the fire with Cybil.  Even missing the Superbowl was not a big deal, although it wasn’t until the next day that I discovered Lacy’s text of “Giants won” was a little understated.  However, I have come to a terrible realization: You cannot watch the Oscars without a television.  And for some of us, this is a big freaking deal.  Oscar night validates my existence.  I’m still not sure what I’m going to do, but damned if I’m going to miss them this year.  I’ve done it twice (in 2004, when I was building houses in Oklahoma City, and in 2006, when I was in London or possibly Paris), and I hated it.  In a year where the entertainment industry is already bumming me out (no Bones until April at which time I still won’t have a TV, the continued existence of Indy 4), my heart just can’t take it.

Whatever happens, I feel the need to place my bets.  Although it’s kind of more fun when I’m wrong…surprises are good.  Surprises are the things everybody remembers for years and years, anyway.

Best Picture: No Country for Old Men.  I only managed to see three of the five nominees this year, but this was by far my favorite.
Best Actor: Apparently Daniel Day-Lewis is going to win, but I am secretly rooting for Tommy Lee Jones.
Best Actress: Shoot, I’ve only seen one of these (Juno).  So I guess I’ll root for Ellen Page…but I’m renting Away From Her this weekend  because Julie Christie will probably win.
Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem (still giving me nightmares)
Supporting Actress: Amy Ryan, Gone Baby Gone
Director: Coen brothers!  Also adapted screenplay.  I seriously loved No Country for Old Men.  Maybe if I saw There Will Be Blood I would change my bets, but I doubt it.
Original Screenplay: Diablo Cody for writing a movie that takes place in Minnesota but is not about the accents (see Fargo, Drop Dead Gorgeous, North Country, Minnesota-Shminnesota)
For the non-big ones, I think Atonement should win for cinemtography, because the only part of the movie I really liked was the 4-minute long shot on the beach.  And for best song, dollars to donuts the Once song does it, because Oscar seems to hate big musical numbers lately (although I am so excited for Kristin Chenowith to sing “That’s How You Know,” because I’ve been semi-obsessed with her since she sang at the Tony awards in 1999…holy crap, I am a gay man).

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  1. Minnesota-Schminnesota will have its day in the sun soon enough. And yes, the ONLY part of Antonement that I actually enjoyed was the beach scene. Otherwise the movie was seriously over lauded.

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