The coldest air mass in the northern hemisphere right now is over Minnesota.  (Take that, North Pole and Siberia!  You just got owned.)  I wasn’t kidding about the whole Survivor: Minnesota thing in my other blog — we are a state full of nutcases.  I wouldn’t say I’m exactly happy about this, but I do think I’m becoming immune.  Like, I’m aware that I’m so cold right now my skin is becoming translucent, but it’s not really bothering me.  I’m not even wearing long underwear, and due to unfortunate gas bill timing I have just turned the heat in my house down.

I am hardcore.

The combination of winter, boredom, and finally having a kitchen again has severely increased my food-stockpiling instinct, and not necessarily in a good way.  For no reason whatsoever I have 4 bottles of the same kind of salad dressing and at least seven cans of beans, some of which I’ve now packed and moved three times.  Having Apocalypse Food is one thing; dragging it from apartment to house to house to house is another.  Something had to be done, so proactive Rachel made some soup.  Actually, “some” soup is a misnomer; it’s more like a tub.  The next time Jesus needs to feed 5000, he can call on me to provide the vegetarian option.  So now my cupboard is almost cleared of canned goods, but my freezer is brimming with Apocalypse Soup.  More of a lateral movement than a step forward.

2 responses

  1. OMG…It was very hard not to laugh out loud while I’m sitting at work reading this.  I think the student waiting to meat with someone thinks I’m strange to say the least! 
    I sincerely hope you have your bean soup cleaned up by the time I come visit….

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