I am bird free, which is excellent, and G’s owner didn’t mind too much about all the dead plants, which is pretty great, too, but now I’m semi-homeless through the end of the month.  It’s okay, because I have a system: I spend weekends with my parents, weekdays at work and toodling around town, and weeknights in the house of rabbits, which is also where I’m storing all of my junk.  I don’t have a fridge or a freezer, so my coworker is storing all of my frozen dinners and brings me one for lunch every day.  All this, because I refused G’s owner’s offer to stay at her house because I didn’t want to share any more of my life with the bird.  Hmm.

Anyway, I spent all last week packing.  I have a system, perfected to an art form after ten moves: if I can get rid of it, I do.  Selling, donating, freecycling…I do it all, because I will not be happy until my life fits into a Caboodle.  Anyway, this time I introduced wine into the system.  A questionable decision, but it worked out for the best as I was finally able to convince myself I shouldn’t hold on to any clothing just because it “might work for a Halloween costume someday.”  I also finally rid myself of the Bingo-booty iPod speakers I won over a year ago (still don’t have an iPod), some VHS movies (but not Speed…never Speed), and some clothes for a small profit.  I’m absurdly proud of this.  If I could just train myself to, I don’t know, make my own sandwiches instead of eating at Subway on a daily basis, I could have saved almost the same amount of money in two weeks.  I know this, but I don’t do it.  That’s just not how the system works.

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