Someday I will write the MinnesOpera

Some days you wake up on time, eat a healthy breakfast, and drive to work on time with excellent radio and stoplight karma.  Other days you wake up forty minutes late, eat cookies for breakfast, and back into Anna’s car on the way out of your driveway.  Guess which type of day I’m having.  Or better yet, guess which type of day Anna is having.  I’m such an idiot.

Grad school stuff is done and in.  I celebrated with a mini bottle of champagne and the entire first season of 30 Rock.  I also went on the inevitable Christmas card-making binge, which as usual resulted in a huge mess and the successful completion and mailing of one card.  That’s an achievement.

You would think with my complete addiction to movie trivia, and all the buzz that’s been out there about Juno, I would have realized before now that it takes place in St. Cloud.  So, the humor of teenage pregnancy adds to St. Cloud’s already glowing reputation in pop culture as a place to kill time, the scariest place a Stephen King character has ever been, and a good place to make a porno.  Do I live in the world’s most happenin’ place, or what?

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  1. AHHH!!! I loved Juno…you should see it, if you haven’t already. Also, the whole movie doesn’t take place in St. Cloud, so at one point there is a line about why someone drove to St. Cloud, it goes something like this: “Why do you drive all the way to the Bejesus Middle of Nowhere??? You could have just mailed it.” Love it. Merry Christmas!

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