I took my mom to a Christmas concert this weekend.  From my previous rant, you would assume this was just part of the self-detructive path I’ve plotted for myself.  Actually, this is part of my ongoing quest to prove myself wrong in absolutely everything.  It was a Celtic Christmas from Cherish the Ladies, and it was very good.  If you haven’t heard of them and you like things like Celtic Woman, you are Mark and you should check them out.  Particularly anything with Heidi Talbot on vocals.  She managed the seemingly impossible task of singing “Oh Holy Night” without overdoing it, thereby making the grinch-self happy.

I also took mom to Enchanted, which can best be described as cute.  Angela from Bones shows up at the very end, for no reason, with no lines.  It was so quick and bizarre that I wasn’t sure it actually happened — like maybe I was just projecting my need for more Bones onto the movie screen — but imdb tells me she was indeed in the movie, so I assume the rest of her part was cut.  I love imdb; not only does it satisfy my need to know everything useless about everyone and everything, it also has this great feature called “Plot Keywords.”  Plot Keywords have nothing to do with key points of the plot, but they make every movie sound so demented, it’s fabulous.  Let’s try a few…

Enchanted: Troll, Miscommunication, Theft, Shopping, and Disillusionment.  The last movie I went to see, No Country for Old Men, is about Tragedy, Burning Car, Coin Toss, Captive Bolt Gun, and Police.  Actually, that’s pretty close.  My favorite movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark is primarily about Good versus Evil, Car Accident, U Boat, Thrown Through Windshield, and Bondage.  And now a few from Tammy and the T-Rex: Animal, Brain Transplant, Hit in Crotch, Bully Comeuppance, and Crotch Grab.  That’s right, two crotch-related Keywords.  A little research yields 212 movies are Keyworded with “Hit in Crotch,” while only 38 are all about the “Crotch Grab.”  Further proof that TatTR is worth your time.

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