See Rachel Rationalize

I’m having a Ferris Bueller day…not playing hooky (did that last week, sort of, with the sickness and working at home), but rather a “life moves pretty fast…” day.  Possibly this is due to sleep deprivation (I attempted to go to bed early last night but was thwarted by the irresistible baby cuteness of a Jon and Kate Plus 8 marathon), or possibly my weekend of excitement.  It began Friday with Lacy’s arrival and the quest for food.  We had one of our most common conversations:

1: Where do you want to eat?
2: I don’t care.  Where do you want to eat?
1: I don’t care.  Someplace cheap.
2: Yes.  Cheap.

I can think of one time when we actually managed to follow these guidelines and eat on the cheap.  This was not that time.  Then we spent the night watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer when we really should have been sleeping, or possibly doing something not quite so geeky on a Friday night.

We woke up Saturday with this plan: 1) drive to Guthrie.  2) Have light, cheap lunch at cafe-type location. 3) See play. 4) Have another cheap meal, maybe at same cafe-type location.  5) See Angi.  See Angi birthday.  Birthday, Angi, birthday! 6) Sleep mode. 7) Science museum for intellectual discussions and the Pompeii exhibit. 8) Home.  No room for excessive spending.

This is what happened: 1) Drove to Guthrie by way of coffee shop 20 minutes in opposite direction.  2) Chose to skip lunch in favor of bar at Guthrie (“Is it noon yet?  Is it noon yet?”).  3) Saw Jane Eyre (Eyre, Jane, Eyre!). 4) Summoned Steve to meet us for copious amounts of food at Old Spaghetti Factory. 5) Birthday’d Angi. 6) Slept, eventually.  7) Science museum, by way of Steve’s apartment and yet another restaurant, for Pompeii exhibit (excellent), games about stem cell research, and a 3D shark video. 8) Home, by way of the Red Balloon bookstore of fond childhood memories.  Various explanations were given throughout the weekend by all involved: “We might as well get the coffee before…” “It is past noon.” “You’ve never been to this restaurant before.” “We have hours before Angi’s party.” “We’re being spontaneous.”  “We’re enabling each other to give in to impulse and the id and forego real life worries in favor of pleasure, no matter the consequences.”

Maybe we didn’t say that last one out loud.

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