Future by numbers

Not much going on around here.

Actually, that’s probably a lie, since I am working* on grad school business.  Just this week I made the jump from “theoretical and imaginary life plans” to “better do something about this” by registering for the GRE.  My next goal is to decide which schools.  For normal people, this would probably be the first step.  I’m 100% going to apply to the U of M, and 85% to Madison, and then after that I’m at a bit of a loss, because here’s the thing: I am more than 100% broke, and those two schools might, after serious amounts of financial aid business, be in the vicinity of the ballpark of affordable,** even though they only let in like 10-15 people per year and there’s a 99% chance I would not be one of them. I’d like to find a few others like this that might work and look appealing.  At the moment I am 78% against applying to unaffordable places,*** i.e., places I might actually get accepted into, because…then I might try to go to them, and I’ll never emerge from the pit of debt because, did I mention, I’m aiming for an MFA in Creative Writing?  So clearly will never be making any money, ever.

I’m not saying this to be totally pessimistic on my life; actually, am hoping admitting this in somewhat-public format will get me to actually get my ass in gear.  Also would appreciate comments and help from those of you (Becca) who have gone before me in the way of grad school.  Just need to stop being so easily distracted…oooh, Stealer’s Wheel is on the radio now…Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…

Yesterday I got to assist with a kindergarten class, and I found my new style icon.  Her name is Nia, she is 5, and she had a mohawk made out of ponytails.  A po’hawk, if you will.  Am not so much jealous of the hair itself, but the careless attitude with which she wore it.  Ah, to be five again.  This moment of serenity was dashed to bits moments later when, during discussion of Halloween costumes with a boy named Larson, I learned that kids today do not know who the Muppets are.****  Larson knew lots of factoids about Jack Sparrow, and said he was going to be “the Einstein guy” (this must be a mistranslation, as I can’t imagine a five year old dressed up as a crazyhaired scientist.*****), but had zero recognition when I said I was going to by Fozzy Bear (which is only 42% true…will be Fozzy if go to Jerry’s party, but is far more likely will stay home by self, in which case dressing like talking bear would be unnecessary and generally insane).

*well, not currently.  Currently am doing this and singing along with Wynonna
**as in, might be able to pay off debt in this lifetime, sometime, maybe
***but 87% for meaningless statistics
****I was going to say what they are, but still haven’t unraveled that mystery for myself
*****actually, I can imagine this.  However, I’m sure it will never occur in reality, unless I do this to theoretical future children in, well, the future.

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  1. Don’t let admission statistics get you down. Madison is a good school (people around here go back and forth on this discussion between here and the Cities) but fairly selective of admitting students.* But it is possible. Abby not only got into the program, but also got one of the best grant programs offered for it, of which something like 100 or so apply but only 4 or so receive (seems like every time I hear it described, little bits change). If she can do it, so can you.*As I think of it, this may be attributed to the theory I learned from Accepted: a school’s prestige is judged best by the number of students it denies. Still, don’t let it get you down.

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