Prom with a Vengeance

This just happened:

Sophia: I have an awkward question for you.
Rachel: …okay…
Sophia: How do you get to work here?
Rachel: (immediately, brightly) I drive!
Sophie: No, I mean…how did you get this job?

Jesusgod.  How did I get this job, or any job for that matter.

Today I feel like doing something unnecessary and time-inappropriate like go Christmas shopping.  I have to get it done soon, on non-weekends, before the mall and the city is overrun by everyone who lives within a ninety-mile radius.  Thousands of country drivers in the worst-planned city of all time, all trying to make left turns (not in this town, fools!) and generally getting in my way.  Entering the mall on a Saturday in November or December is not an option, and if you so much as think about going to Wal-Mart you will immediately be run over by a truck with a “WE SUPPORT OUR PRIESTS” bumper sticker.  At least in the Cities there are multiple malls, other options, but here we’ve got the one thing that isn’t that awesome anyway.

I remember when I wasn’t so jaded and coming here was a shopping adventure.  Cannot walk past DEB without thinking of prom dress shopping, although is embarassing as the store is sort of like an 11-year-old’s idea of what it’s like to be a teenager (I will wear six-inch platforms with my pink velour sweatpants!).  Yet there I was, seventeen, buying a blue-black dress to match my dyed blue-black hair and some clear-heeled shoes to boot.  And then I went to prom with two dates, one a girl and one who I asked at a math meet, interrupting his conversation with someone else, and he looked panicked and went “sure” before going back to math-related conversation.  It was like an explosion of awkward for all involved, but that’s prom for you.  Or maybe that’s just me for you.

The blue-black dress and hair weren’t really that bad, actually, considering the previous year’s outfit decisions.  Why I chose to wear a sickly-green, strapless, backless, technically two-piece thing, I might never understand.  I think at the time I had some sort of mermaid thought in my head, but I did not look like a mermaid.  I looked like a mermaid’s algae-filled vomit.  Which combined with the curly hair-tower of doom and eighteen hour bus ride made the whole thing giantly non-romantic, but again, that’s prom for you.

Since both dresses for Prom 1 and Prom 2: Prom Harder were purchased at mall, the place has sort of lost its lustre for me.  I would go back and do it all again, no doubt, but since I can’t it’s less grossnostalgia-inducing to just buy Christmas presents online and never enter the mall again.  But that would defeat my original purpose of doing something unnecessary and time-inappropriate.  Quite a quandry…


2 responses

  1. Hey,I remember when you ressurected that blue black dress for our little formal dance freshman year! Aw…I remember it was pretty much like a high school dance- watch other people have a good time while you sit in the corner with your girlfriends and then break into Nate’s room and question his sexuality loudly. Just like high school!

  2. That was probably my favorite high school dance, even though it didn’t occur in high school and we didn’t dance.  Mary-Kate and Ashley…”TELL ME WHAT YOU MEAN!”  I miss that, and I miss you.

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