Women of the Bible Go Camping

That’s what I’m calling the weekend events.  It has nothing to do with religion – between the four of us, we covered the spectrum of devotion/deviation – it’s just our names.  I pointed out this connection, and it caused an educated debate of how we were related (“You’re my aunt.”  “No, I’m Mary’s mother, and Mary was Elizabeth’s cousin.”  “…Making you my aunt.”  “Oh.  Right.”).  Otherwise, the weekend was not Biblically-bound.

It started with a four hour drive to the only campsite in the state of Wisconsin with any Labor day vacancy.  By the time Hannah and I were anywhere near the place, it was dark and we were guessing what treats awaited us.  Hannah predicted possums playing banjos; I was looking to the skies for alien abductions.  Instead, what greeted us was a decent campsite – nice trails, family-oriented, a park for kids, and what can only be described as a swimmin’ hole composed mainly of highway runoff and unnaturally white sand, all conveniently located a mere ten feet from active railroad tracks.  Nothing like a peaceful weekend of wilderness and CHOOOOOOO! CHOOOOOOOO!

Despite this, we managed to have fun.  We played cards, drank a bit, hiked a few bluffs, and terrified every other campsite with Elizabeth’s laugh and Anna’s turkey and siren impressions, possibly my three favorite sounds in the world.  It should come as no surprise that the next day the four of us had half of the “beach” to ourselves, while all the other campers stuck together, far away from us.  Altogether, a great weekend.  Unfortunately I came home with a cold, but it wasn’t anything a day indoors with a root beer float and a season of “Moonlighting” couldn’t cure.

Nothing else is new.  I’m working long hours this week so I can have tomorrow afternoon off for no particular reason.  I’m impatiently waiting for Spaceballs, Benny & Joon, and David Sedaris’ Naked to make their way to me via swaptree (addiction continues…seriously guys, join.  People want your old random crap and you can get new random crap in exchange!).  I continue to live with the feathered one.  Angi and Ari are coming up this weekend to make me dinner (at least that’s how I interpret their visit).  All is well.

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