This is an Odd Day

Every other day on this campus is an Odd Day.  I never thought about that, but it explains a lot.  It’s now the first week of classes.  For ten minutes before and after each class period begins, a few dozen new students stop by my office and ask me in a panic where to go.  Dude, I don’t know where Biology 101 is.  Maybe you should look at your schedule and the room number before just walking aimlessly around the science buildings.  If you ask me for a room number, I can help.  I’ll laugh at you after you leave, but it’s a laugh of love – ooh, I remember being a freshmen – and I’ll still help you.

I had to walk across campus for something today, and as I did I was accompanied by the songs of Dreamgirls playing in the football field (thereby echoing all over campus).  I have no idea why this happened, but it made me happy in that it a) almost felt like I finally achieved the goal of an actual life soundtrack, even if it was Beyonce, and b) provided the mental image of 150 or so tough football players getting their gameface on to showtunes.  That, too, would explain a lot.

Every day after work I come home and let G out, and together we sit at the table reading.  Usually she stays on my shoulder; sometimes she gets more adventurous.  Once this involved a jaunt across my outstretched legs so she could full-on attack my toes.  The other day adventure turned into panic (on her part) when she fell down my shirt.  I found this hilarious; she responded to my laughter by eating the cover of a brand new book.  We’re not friends right now.

I try to be an adult, and something gets in the way.  Like yesterday, I went grocery shopping.  I even brought a list.  What wasn’t on that list, and what I eventually brought home, were Hollywoodland, The Prestige, and Babel.  None of which I’d ever seen.  This is not adult behavior.  I can count on one finger the amount of times my mother bought a movie she had never seen before from a grocery store (it was Antz, and it was for me).  So it’s not genetic behavior, either.  This is my own brand of insanity.  Second-hand addiction.

Continuing with the theme of jumping topics, today I am going to drive across a state (half of MN plus half of WI equals one state, right?).  Anna, Elizabeth, Hannah and I are going to camp, with lots of laughs and probably some minor disasters.  I’m making spagorn (sporngetti) (not spepeggy, though).  Gonna be awesome.

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