These are a few of my favorite things…

I’ve made two fantastic web discoveries today.  One is, which is sort of just a timewaster but also a lovely way to keep track of my summer reading list (since writing it on post-its which I then feed to the bird doesn’t accomplish much) and such.  The other is, which is exciting beyond words.  Not only is it very green friendly (environmentally and economically), it’s also, let’s face it, a timewaster.  Those of you who are broke like me might find it useful (it came to me through a article called “Ask A Brokeass,” so you know it’s good).

So I live in a house now, and both my parents agree: I am spoiled beyond words.  My life is The Riches, but with permission (and no Eddie Izzard.  Unless in this situation I am Eddie?  That would be awesome but I don’t know, I’ve never actually seen the show).  The only one more spoiled is Genosse, my little green lovebird/landlord.  All she wants to do is sit on my shoulder and eat my hair, so I guess that means we’re friends.  Either that, or she thinks I’m a nest.  Actually, that would explain the bits of paper she keeps shoving into my collar.

This is just further proof that I can normalize anything.  We’ll see how that hypothesis holds up in the spring, when I will more than likely be living in the woods with a poodle named Sybill.

(I’m not kidding)

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