And to think, this is the most interesting thing I’ve done all day

So, reading this book in one sitting on an already emotionally-uneven day…not my best decision.  Damn good book, though.  I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and I can happily report positive results, unlike with other “curiousity reads” like anything by Dan Brown.  Although I’m going to be wrecked for about a week now.

And “one-sitting” is a lie, since I started it at Barnes & Noble before bringing it home.  A bad decision, of course, since sit-downs at B&N always lead to the purchasing of things I don’t need (ask me how many books I have.  I don’t know the answer), and since this book falls into the “guilty pleasure” category, being caught reading it in public by Scott and Shirley, my favorite academic couple of all time, was slightly embarassing.  Not quite as embarassing as the book I was trying to hide underneath it, which was, in fact, a romance novel about vampires in the Twin Cities (it’s a gift for someone else, I tell you!  A gift I’m going to read first, but still a gift!).  Luckily, I do not think S&S noticed as they were both in their element: Shirley whispering mother-henish advice about my housing situation, and Scott pacing with a stack of books and muttering about Bridge.  Despite the embarassment of self, I hope I always remember them just like that.

It’s very late and I’m typing to nobody.  Suddenly I feel like Doogie Howser.

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