Have moved, kinda.  I went from the east apartments to the west apartments – on campus yet again.  It’s an accepted fact that I will not leave campus until forced, which for most was graduation (last weekend), but for me appears to be August.  Although I’ll still be working around these parts until next May/June.  Summer project is to find affordable housing nearby yet off-campus for the rest of that time.  Also, to win lottery and pay of scary student loans of death.

The great part about moving is it makes you take stock of all the things you actually own, and a lot of times gives you a great opportunity to get rid of them.  I did my second Goodwill run of the year this week.  On the other side of the spectrum, moving gives you an opportunity to collect more stuff.  Roommates move out and let you keep their dishes, towels, purses, pillows…it accumulates.  I could have a dinner party for the entire apartment building and not run out of plates.

So I’m supposed to have a roommate, but so far the only signs of her are: a sleeping bag, a television, and a bottle of wine and some cheesy popcorn in the fridge (yes, both are in the fridge).  Also found a man’s sports coat and pair of gym shoes in my closet.  It startled me, so I said, “Omigod.” My mom, who was helping me move, popped her head around the corner and in a panic said, “What, is she here?”  Meaning, my phantom roommate.  Meaning, my mother thought my roommate was stuffed in my closet, or something.

Sigh.  Every day brings a new opportunity to panic, or to breathe.

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