Accepting Adulthood.

Yesterday morning I accepted the position.  Then I had my last day of internship (I ate a dilly bar and collated some binders, what a way to go) and college classes.  All kinds of adulthood is happening…

After work, Steve and I hopped in my car and went to SabStock, a celebration of all things Sabrina.  Specifically, graduation.  Amazing things happened, like food (all I had until then was the dilly bar), conversations, and the usual grad party stuff.  Then we moved to the garage and into a 90s teen movie, or possibly a TV show from the WB, because there was a real-live band, with amps and mics and stuff, singing songs about love and Han Solo while the college kids drank beer and radiated coolness.  The only thing that was missing was a pool, because those kinds of parties always end with wild kids diving into the pool fully-clothed.

No pool…but we found a Slip N Slide.

I spent the ride home from SabStock telling my mother about my new position, and how grown-up I am, and I’m about to graduate, and I know things about insurance now and all sorts of adult things.  I did not tell her about the bracelet made of Lifesavers and Honeycombs dangling from my arm.  Nor did I mention that I was wearing just a zip-up sweatshirt and my roommate’s tennis skirt over my wet underthings because I’d Slipped and Slid fully-clothed three times, like the adult that I am.

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