Teacher’s gonna show you how to get an A

I’m writing a paper on Lolita and The Sea, The Sea.  An interesting topic for me, but still probably my least favorite Saturday activity ever.  Which explains the xanga.  Also, I’m going to Lacy tonight, which explains the paper.

I’ve been thinking about concerts.  It’s one thing to say “my favorite bands are blah, and blah, and blah,” but to actually pay money to see these people is another.  I guess this thought is in line with my love-hate relationship with the idea of what you like defining what you are like.  The picture I get of myself after looking at lists like these always makes me laugh.  Is that me?  And I wonder, if I were the kind of person who could keep her mouth shut, if people would guess I saw Aerosmith and Barbra Streisand in the same year.  Probably.  I wear my love for Aerosmith on my sleeve, and although I’m not actually a Barbra fan anymore, my childhood fascination with her, George Michael, Elton John, and musicals must just radiate from my pores.  I think that’s the main factor in my, you know.  Gay-magnetness.

I was interviewed by the Star Farmer last week (it took me many years to appreciate the bumpkin-y greatness of the name of that paper…like, seriously guys.  I can’t make that up) for the storything.  It was via e-mail, which is bad news because a) it allowed me time to overthink my answers (am I being to pretentious? Not pretentious enough? Why do I care?) and b) it’s just actually bad news – even the campus paper does not allow e-mail interviews.  And I had to send in a picture, so I took the one from the English department website because I’m all posed and respectable – none of that “hey I’m in a bar, better take a picture and put it on facebook!” stuff – but the downside is it kind of looks like a mugshot.  Ah well, it was either that or let Mom pick one out, and it would almost definitely be my senior picture.  Anyway, so if any of you with ties to the homeland get a call from the gossipy parentals next week regarding my mugshot, that’s the story behind it.

Almost halfway on the paper…woot.

Still no future in sight for me, and after a slightly devastating loss at Pub Trivia last night, I’m no longer sure about my one true talent: useless trivia.  Although I did know the Cowboys won three superbowls in the ’90s, the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42, and the line “You’re such a disease” comes from Home Alone, so I haven’t completely lost my touch.

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