This entry not about winning

It’s about losing.  Losing a war with the weather gods, who are doing what they can to throw of my plan of heading home tomorrow.  Losing all sense of responsibility, since I haven’t done my homework properly in ages.  Mainly, though, I’ve been losing my memories.  It’s a funny thing to lose, because you don’t realize it until it’s suddenly back again.  The other day, Andy kept talking about an old English teacher from high school (“She was tall.  Taller than us…we were kids, that doesn’t help.”), and I was about to tell him he made this person up when suddenly I remembered who he was talking about.  Not only that, I remembered where I sat in her class, and who sat around me, and what all our assignments were, and who played practical jokes and when.  Stuff I never thought I’d forget but now, really, I wonder why I remember.

Anna and I watched “Annie Hall” last week, which features Paul Simon, and I turned to Anna and I asked her if she…remembered…a…movie…about…Gordon…Goose.  It came back to me, like that, slow and confusing but there, still, after fifteen years.  Hazy details faded into focus: Gordon Goose…searching for Mother Goose…ZZ Top as three men in a tub…Paul Simon is in this too…  Afraid I had made this up, I did some imdb research and came up with “Mother Goose Rock N Rhyme,” although YouTube calls it “Shelley Duvall’s Rockin’ Rhymeland.”  Anyway, it’s there.  And I watched half of it and suddenly felt so validated.  So HERE is the source of my fear of Little Richard!  And those three blonde old women singing “Hop To It” – not that I fear old blonde women, but that song…I knew the goddamn words.  It was a big moment for me; if you grew up with something that trippy, only to be left with vague fears that you made it all up, you would be pleased, too.  I reccommend checking it out.  According to the new “plot keywords” on imdb, it includes both “vending machines” AND “meek little man.”  Clearly worth your time.

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