It’s such a cold finger

Guess who won a DVD player at gay bingo?  Alright, don’t guess, it’s me.  This, after winning ipod-speakers and a David Sedaris book, makes me the most hated person ever.  What can I say, I have pleased the Bingo gods in some way.  Gay bingo, in case you’re wondering, is a fun combination of playing Bingo and eradicating homophobia by selling T-shirts and giving away prizes like the movie The Birdcage.  Pretty much awesome, except my mind kept trying to make a themesong to the tune of Goldfinger, and if you ask me why I will ask why you expect me to know.  I don’t know why my head does this; it doesn’t even do it well, as I spent the whole evening singing “GaaaaaaaaaaaaayBINGooooo!  It’s. Such. A-” but I never came up with a decent rhyme so I’d just have to repeat “GaaaaaaayBINGooooooo!”  I don’t think I actually know that song, I just heard Niles sing it on an episode of Frasier once and it’s decided to re-emerge now.

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