I’ll Saint your Patrick. Who?

On Friday night, I went very sleep-deprived to the aforementioned terrible film “Premonition” with Sabrina, Anna, and Teri.  Afterwards, we went to the dinner for shakes and fries.  The movie was so bad we couldn’t even talk about it, so instead we talked about St. Patrick’s day 2006.  I went to Greenwich and let a friend indulge in some much-needed retail therapy, and maybe had a pint, I don’t remember.  The point is, I didn’t celebrate.  The other girls had either the same story (well, different locations, but the key being non-celebration) or the opposite (too much celebration).  I think I had a decent mix this year.

I’ll skip the first 20 hours of the day because all I did was sleep, watch The Jerk and bake soda bread and mashed potato pizza.  I (over)fed myself, Lacy, Jenna, Steve and Sabrina around eight, and at ten Steve, Lacy and self went downtown to the Press, with me as the volunteer DD.  Through a series of shouting phone calls (it was loud and packed everywhere), I knew I was to be on the lookout for a drunk Andy.  I finally found him, abandoned by a wall and barely standing.  He provided a lot of entertainment for me as he attempted not to pass out for the subsequent two hours of bar time.  The group came together eventually and it was a random mix – half from high school and half from college.  It was a fun combination of friends fighting over me, Anna telling me how much she loves me and black men, catching up with long-lost sorts, and giggling.  Watching people get belligerent has never been so exciting.

At about one, Steve, Lacy and I went over to Andy’s apartment, at which point Andy decided to do two Irish car bombs.  Before this point, he was making a little bit of sense, but as soon as that second car bomb went off, so to speak, communication happened only through monkeylike facial expressions and the Angry Voice.  Angry Voice said some fun things when not face-down in the carpet, my favorite being:

A: I want you to hit me.
R: Why should I hit you?
A: I’ve killed animals.

I let Jesse hit him instead.  Angry Voice responded with, “You will cry when morning breaks.”  Like a violent fortune cookie.  Then there was, “Steve has killed before!  And now he’s sitting on the stool of death!”  I wish I could learn what THAT was all about (Who has Steve killed?  What makes a Stool of Death?), but of course all memories of the night and the conversations have been wiped away for Andy, and now he’s sheepish and hungover.  The moral of the story is: staying sober can be fun.

Today was spent sleeping, eating Chinese food and watching Masterpiece Theatre’s “Jane Eyre,” which was amazing.  What P&P is to Lacy, this might be to me…

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