Best night of the year

I am so freaking excited for the Oscars.  I almost resented London last year for preventing me from watching the Awards, but now it makes this year doubly exciting…Oh Oscars, how I’ve missed you.  Ever since the year I said, “What’s the point of this if The English Patient wins everything?” (I was 10 at the time) I have loved the Oscars more than probably my own life.  And I love making predictions, mainly about movies I haven’t seen.  Turns out I get this from my dad, who NEVER goes to movies but can still carry on long conversations with me and say phrases like “That film has good Oscar buzz” without batting an eye.

So, my predictions, just to keep me occupied until the ceremony o’ love starts…

Best Supporting Actress: Um, duh.  Jennifer Hudson.  I really hope she says something mean about American Idol, or at least shows she has some sort of personality.  I wonder if she’s ever going to do anything acting-wise again.  One other thing I will bet on here is the clip they show of Abigail Breslin will be the scream and “IWONIWONIWONIWON” scene.

Best Supporting Actor: “And the Oscar goes to Eddie Murphy.”  That just sounds bizarre.  Jackie Earle Haley, if the Academy gets turned off by the guy whose follow-up film is “Norbit.”  Ish.

Best Director:  Martin Scorsese. Even Susan Lucci won eventually…

Best Actor: C’mon, Ryan Gosling…although when Forest Whitaker wins, maybe he’ll make another drunk-sounding speech like he did at the SAG Awards.

Best Actress: I love Meryl, but why isn’t she in the supporting actress category?  Helen Mirren.

Best Picture: I want to say “Little Miss Sunshine,” but I’m worried people will start hating on it like they are on “Crash.”  What is wrong with us, we hate the ceremony when it’s boring, but hate it more when it tosses out a few surprises.

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